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Netspark gives you freedom of a safe internet.

AI Technology

Our software is uses AI (Artificial intelligence) Technology, where image recognition algorithms deliver unparalleled performance in detecting harmful content by imitating the human perspective. With a 97.5% accuracy rate with only a 1% false positive, this allows you to see more without blocking content.

Customized Experience

Users can customize their user settings to define their own web experience. Choose from four predefined filtering profiles ranging from “Light” to “Block All.” A Custom Protection Level is also available, in which you can rely on your own judgment to define the filtering rules and release content.

Seamless Protection

NetSpark provides genuine real-time inspection and web content filtering of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Our sophisticated technology analyses and inspects each page element in real-time, so harmful or unwanted content gets filtered out on the fly, with only milliseconds of added latency. Desired web content remains unblocked, thanks to our highly accurate, in-page content filtering.

Video & Image Recognition

Our state of the art image processing technology imitates the human visual perspective with an unmatched level of accuracy. Able to detect the subtle variations in unsafe content, NetSpark's image recognition algorithms are an integral component of NetSpark’s solutions allowing websites like Facebook and Youtube for safe surfing

100000000 URLs
500000000 Images
1728000 Text Symbols
30000000 Videos


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